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Live online English lessons for multilingual children attending German KiTas and primary schools. Educated as native speakers and taught by a qualified teacher.

The Mission

Educating your international children


FamiLingua recognises that multilingual children have language skills to be enhanced. Opening up possibilities for international families to strengthen their child's English literacy; accessing quality education and providing opportunities to fulfil their potential.

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  1. Educated like a native speaker

  2. International student community

  3. Stronger cultural connections



What's on offer...

The online concept is during afternoons and not location specific.
FamiLingua's English literacy classes follow the British National Curriculum and are taught by a qualified teacher.
School year from Aug–July.
*Following Berlin's school calendar.

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Emergent Readers (4–6 Years)

Fridays 3.00-3.30pm


Key Stage 1 (6-8 Years)

Tuesdays 4.00-4.45pm


Key Stage 2 (8-11 Years)

Mondays 3.00-4.00pm (UKS2)

Wednesdays 4.30-5.30pm (LKS2)


Extracurricular Activities

  • Book Club
  • Summer Club
  • Project Days

Extracurricular Activities

A chance to use English in real life experiences


FamiLingua is expanding offers on clubs for groups of English-speaking students; everyone is welcome! Taking place on fixed weekends and dates in the school summer holidays, topics in English are explored with a qualified teacher.

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Natural Science: Looking for a great day out that's educational, too? Inspire your budding scientist with a group trip to the Natural Science Museum, Zoo, or a Forest Day.


Culture: A visit to a theatre, museum or gallery can really help a subject come to life for a child. Who doesn’t remember the first time they saw a live performance? Or an ancient Egyptian mummy? 


Technology: Screen-free, hands-on day trips. Focused on technology activities helping children learn more about how to use technology to solve problems, rather than just for entertainment.


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I teach the British National Curriculum, which in turn will prepare students for English Key Stage 1 and 2 final exams. Personally, I don't test students, but would help locate a test centre for parents to apply for SATs exams for the end of Key Stage 2 (11+).

As FamiLingua follows the English and German school academic calendars, the academic year begins in August and ends in July. Joining part-way through the academic year is not a problem; after discussing what material has been missed with the teacher, your child will have access to all lesson archives from the beginning of the year, so they can catch up on any missed content.

Emergent Reader lessons are 30 minutes, once a week.
Key Stage 1 lessons are 45 minutes, once a week.
Key Stage 2 lessons are 1 hour, once a week.

To attend live lessons, your child will need a writing notepad, a laptop or desktop computer with up-to-date software, a stable broadband connection, and a working camera and microphone. A pair of headphones are beneficial to focusing, but not essential. Parents and students will be informed of learning materials (if required) for each curriculum in advance via email, with ample time to prepare beforehand.

These classes do not teach English as a foreign language, I instruct lessons in English. For the benefit of the pace of the lesson and the children already enrolled, students need to have a certain level of understanding and speak English when they start out.

Payments are invoiced monthly and payable by bank transfer.

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